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Frequently Asked

  • What is Ransomware?
    • Ransomware typically works by infiltrating a victim’s harddrive and encrypting the files. These files, typically of high importance to the victim, are then inaccessible until the ransom is paid. While there may be cases where decryption is possible without payment, when properly implemented this task is impossible. Due to the use of digital currencies for ransom, tracing the destination of payments is a difficult to impossible task.

  • How does one get infected with Ransomware?
    • The prevalence of ransomware scams has risen globally, but prevention is possible. Typical infiltrations often occur through malicious emails, disguised to look like an email that the receiver might typically expect to receive. These emails may contain an attachment, which will then enter the network and begin encrypting files. The process will run in the background, and will likely encrypt backups as well.

  • How does one prevent Ransomware?
    • Training all staff who have any access to the network, even if it’s simply the wifi password, is essential. An understanding of the dangers of downloading attachments, and the ability for scammers to disguise emails is imperative in preventing your system from being infiltrated by ransomware. You should always verify the sender before downloading any attachments, and ensure that all default passwords are changed.

  • What to do if I have Ransomware?
    • The first thing to do is, if there are backups, check to see if any are uninfected. If the latest uninfected backup is not sufficient, unfortunately paying the bounty for the decryption key is the only option to unlock the files. At ransomware removals we allow you to purchase the funds you require to unlock the files, with the requirement that you must verify your identity before providing payment

  • Why do I have to verify my identity?
    • While etransfers are not typically reversible, we have seen from the Simplii/CIBC hack that at times an individual’s account might be hacked. Therefore, for mutual protection, verification is done to ensure that the person sending the transfer is the owner of the account. This way we can ensure that the payment will not be reversed as we will have evidence to show that we verified the identity of the buyer. You will have to provide an ID, as well as a picture of your face holding your ID and a unique message. If you are unwilling to verify, please contact us for a cash in person transaction. This would be the only payment method if you are unable to verify. If paying from a company account you will also need to provide documentation that you are authorized to make payments from this account.

  • What about paying the CRA or Purchasing an Investment Plan?
    • The CRA would never require payment in digital currencies, these are scammers and should be reported and ignored. Any investment plan that requires a payment in digital currency should be strongly vetted. Nothing can provide guaranteed returns, that would also be a scam. Remember, if it is too good to be true, chances are it is too good to be true.

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